Return to game button not working

I have tried every combination in the picture, together and separate…but nothing works. I read something on the forums about timing to pause the game. Is timing to pause a better solution than taking users to a different screen and then returning them back?

Pause by using timescale was the old solution, you should be able to use the new function well. I use it on my own, it’s really cool to pause a scene and get back to it after changing options. Like this on the picture i can’t tell what’s going wrong. One scene have to be pause and lead to another one, then in the other one you need the action to get back to previous scene.

Right, how do you do that? :confused: I’ve tried everything I could think of and it’s not working

What I would do is create a scene for pause or menu. To pause and go to that scene, use 2 conditions together:

Mouse and Touch > The cursor/touch is on an object
Mouse and Touch > Mouse Button down or touch held (Left)

Then for the event: Scene > Pause and start a new scene
Choose your pause menu scene

To return do the same, except for the event, choose “Stop and go back to previous scene”

The attached image shows both parts. The first part shows how to pause in the game scene, and the second shows how to get out of the pause menu and return to the game. This is also useful for a lot of other situations, like battles in RPGs or conversations, puzzles, etc.

I’ve just written a tutorial/example on the wiki about this : switching/pausing a scene by an event (key released). Here it is :