Rewind Ability Help(Solved)

So, I’m trying to make a way to reverse time on all moving objects in the scene (player, moving platforms. etc.). There is a topic here, but that is kinda old, plus the extension that @MrMen added was only temporarily released, and the example he linked to doesn’t work.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Edit: Also, there might be a way to do this with the shadow clones extension, but idk how.

Well it’s not something I’d know, but maybe if you used a bunch of variables that tracked movement, but that wouldn’t be that effective probably [edit] actually, there is a thing that like draws, maybe there’s away to make it track player movement then it can replicate reverse time? There should be tutorials on it object named “shapepainter” hope this helps

You can download the original project with the extension built in and extract the extension.

I’m submitting the extension from that project to GDevelop extension library.

Is there a button to do this, @MrMen, or do I simply copy/paste, also, before submitting this topic, I tried that project, and it was super laggy on a pretty decent computer, as well as copy pasting the java script into my own extension, and the player would just kinda warp back to the beginning, but I’ll look into it some more

I’ve run the sample project on my machine with no issues, though that’s of no use to you :confused: Did you open the project in a second instance of GDevelop? That can cause some a lag.

Here’s the zip of the extension you can download and import into your game. I’ll leave it there until the extension I’ve submitted becomes available in GDevelop.

I opened the project, edited the extension and exported it to a file.

Haha, actually, I did, thanks so much! I’ll give it a test and see how it goes (:

odd, the project actually remains laggy in an only instance of Gdevelop. Also, is the extension supposed to warp the player to a previous position, or smoothly replay the previous activity? Because that is the goal im trying to achieve.

It smoothly replays the activity in reverse, so what you’re getting is weird.

Have you tried running it in the debugger and seeing where the performance monitor reports any issues?

I’m not seeing anything out of the ordinary. So the way I it set up in the events is a Boolean variable for “Replay”, if its true, replay the player, false, record, and it will only jump back via one frame about a second backward in time. I’m going to try to restart the editor, since I’m getting weird lag in the demo file, as well as an external editor error using piskel. Edit: restarting didn’t help ):

Do you want to zip up the problem project and put it on a file server? I’ll then download it and see if I can replicate the lag on my machine.

Sure, as soon as I find a file server, would a drive link work?

never mind! i used simpler events and it works! Thanks for all the help!!