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Long ago I started to create a game in Game Maker: Studio. I wanted it to be FLOSS (and this was theoretically possible with the enigma-dev project). Unfortunately enigma-dev has fallen and I have a project in GM: S which is bugged (Game Maker and Project of course :smiley:). I found on internet GDevelop and wanted to ask:

  1. Are there any chances that this game will be fully rewritten on GDevelop?
  2. Is there a person on XMPP / IRC (optional facebook) that I could ask for GDevelop mechanisms?
  3. Do you know any good video tutorials? I have looked at some of the recommended ones on Wiki, which explained a lot, but I do not know enough to create a game.

HTML5 Occult version (demo):

Binary version:

Thank you for your answer!


I guess so, with some work I don’t find any mechanism impossible to do with GD :slight_smile:

There is a Discord channel: [url]Join also the GDevelop chat on Discord], I check it out from time to time because it isn’t very active, people still prefer the forum :imp:

So maybe you’ll have to check non-videos tutorial, for example the turret tutorial. You can open the examples too, there are a lot of them in the examples folder.

The game is not super-complex, each card should be an object, with some basic data (cost, dmg, etc.), if you don’t want to write logic for each card you can create a big macro-logic for every card, this macro could check if the card has for example damage > 0, if so subtract the damage from enemy’s life, if the card has stun chance, probability modifiers, and so on.

That’s because there is no community behind GDevelop that is actually care for GD and it users and projects being made in GD.
Everyone just want to get their answers and leave. Discord makes sense if people interested in having a friendly “chat” about GD, the games they are making and problems they might have but for pure “how to” questions and answers it makes no sense to me :astonished:
You really need to be lonely…I mean dedicated to GD to answer ‘how to’ questions on a live chat not to mention to be a mentor and get someone started :smiling_imp:

Apart from you there is no one else on the whole planet that I know to be so dedicated, not even the developer itself :wink:

Ouch, don’t listen to him Sasha! (Sasha is my coffee cup, but don’t tell her, she doesn’t know she is just a cup) hahaha :laughing:

Seriously, I really like it, as you know I like programming, it is a hobby, as playing and help with GD. When I get bored/stuck I take a walk around the forum, github and discord, answer some questions and I’m done. Also who cares about the live of others on the internet?, it’s a selfish world, I just do what makes me happy / to pass the time :smiley: