Right Way of Using External Events

Hi, i realized i dont use more than half of events in my external events in most levels. Should i make 1 giant external event tab and drop it to all levels or should i optimize it based on levels like 3 external events 1(used in almost every level) 2(used in half of the levels) 3(rarely used) does it improve performance of game?

I’d go for 3 external events. When GDevelop generates the game is replaces the Link to external event with the contents of the external event.

Not sure if it improves performance, but it makes developing and bug hunting a lot easier.

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Does the same thing apply with extensions? Would it be more efficient to use one over the other? The difference in file size is probably minimal. IMO, the size of the images has way more to do with file size than code. You can fit a lot of characters in the same space as even one image.

Good question, and not one I know the answer to. I only know of the external events because when I’ve used the developer tools to look at the code, the external events were inserted within the other events. And it was inserted repeatedly if there were multiple links to it within the main event sheet.

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