Road map or levels maps

Greeting to all gdevelopers
I am newbie here :grin:

is there a GD5 template for level maps same as the picture above

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Picture source: Wirawiri: Game Level Map Builder by weirdeetz | GraphicRiver

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You can check the isometric example
Go create a new project and look for isometric game example from starters

Thanks @DarkHeliosGames
I am looking for level maps which contain level scores and linked with others scenes

The starters and the example projects can give you info about almost anything you want may be overwhelming in the beginning but as you play around they will make sense

An advice from me you must start from learning variables and how they rules the game coding how to save them and read them again; as you said (score) etc .
Have an understand of the engine’s structure how you need to place the order of conditions in order to do actions if something seems to not work the most of the time the issue is the inappropriate order of conditions.
Don’t mess up with to many variables because in the most of the cases you make use of them and Is very easy to crate conditions that interfare each other but also can make a variable to have conflict with another you need to think about everything happens in your game so as long you keep things simple like a beginer with time you will be a master without a lot frustration

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I wish you a good journey and happy coding :blush:

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