Rotate camera on specific layer

How do I rotate the camera on a layer (except Base layer)?

I try to use a slider to rotate the view of a layer that is not the Base layer. For that, I’m using “Change the camera rotation on X axis: set to X_rot.Value()”, where X_rot is a slider.

In the properties of the action, the Layer is set to the name of the layer that I want to change the view of.

What is the expected result

The view of the layer should change.

What is the actual result

Nothing happens.

Except if the selected layer of the action is Base layer. (but it’s not that layer that I want to rotate)

Related screenshots

When the sliders are dragged, camera rotation should be done on both Base and the Extra layer (through separate actions).

Here is the action to rotate the Extra layer.

The sliders rotate the text above the red bar, and the red bar. They are on the Base layer. The sliders don’t rotate the green thing and the text above it, on the Extra layer.

The button changes the Camera Z position for the Extra layer. That works!.

Project files (optional)

None at this time.