Rotate Circular Object on Its Circular Axis

Sorry if my geometry is not up to the make but basically i’m trying to tween an object into the scene(as a poor man’s cutscene) from outside which is supposed to rotate on its own axis(its an UFO like spaceship gone haywire).

This is my code

And this is what is happening:


Can anyone tell me how to get the required effect, i think i am missing something small but i dont know what it is.

How exactly do you want it to rotate? Can you describe it in more detail?

Or are you trying to point out that the UFO jumps in it’s rotation, and want it smoother?

I am trying to make the ufo move circularly on its own axis, like the earth itself spins round and round(not around the sun but on its own axis). And when you mention it, the jump is indeed awkward but it goes well with the storyline of a spaceship crashing, but i am not sure. Perhaps i need to fiddle with the tween animation settings.

The UFO seems to be in perspective. I don’t think you can smoothly rotate the object. You could animate it. It probably wouldn’t take too many frames to give it the appearance that it’s spinning like a top.

If it was a straight, top down view, you could rotate the object smoothly.

Can I animate it inside GDevelop? How do I do that?

You can use piskel on pc anyways not sure on mobile. There was talk about it. IDK if they did. You can also edit outside Gdevelop and add the images and they’ll play in a loop.

I got another hack idea that doesn’t do too bad a job, upload the image to Kaiber AI, generate a suitable video, transform it into a animated gif in adobe express, in ezgif split the gif into individual frames and then create a sprite and import the sequence as an animation!


Whatever it takes :wink: i wish you luck.