Rotate object from a point

Hi, I am having a sprite which is a line and I want it to rotate in a circular motion, I mean to have a ray which should originate from one point and rotate in circular path like when we make a circle from compass which has a origin and rotating the pencil in a circular path.
please help.

Add change angle to the object if you want to have multiple objects in the scene do it in a foreach


Yes I mean this only but can you suggest me which expression I should use to get it in circular motion, I had already used rotate or change angle but they just rotate the line and I want to rotate the line which do not change its center or most probabley my problem is that I wanted one end of the line to stick with the center object.
Thanks for help.

You can edit the center point from the middle to one end of the line, then it rotates around that point. But then the collision will only work on 50% of the line, that’s a known issue. You can use a 50% blank sprite to work around the problem.

Thanks for help, sorry I am using tiled sprite.