Rotate objects from a specified point

I have run into a few situations where I would like to rotate an object from one of its points. Such as when making a gun point towards the mouse, it would make sense for it to rotate from the handle, otherwise it looks funky. It would be great if a rotate from object point was added which would allow one to rotate from that set point instead of the center of the object.

I’m not sure but I think you can use this function:

X and Y position should be custom object positions

My understanding is that rotation has to happen from the center point due to how some of the rendering works in GDevelop. I’m not sure that you could rotate off other points without changing the underlying functionality everywhere (not saying impossible, just not sure how feasible it is)

That said, you can always move the center point to have it rotate from a different position.

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yeah, that’s been my solution in the past.