Rotate towards mouse position fails when camera moves

So, I just started working on a new android project. It is a game where the player is moved by a joystick-like movement. It all worked fine until I introduced camera movement to the game. I have the controller set on a separate layer for GUI. Basically what happens is that once the camera moves from the initial position, the joystick moves as well, but the position of the mouse is still accounted in relation to the initial camera position, if it makes sense.
Anyone knows a fix for this? Or any tips?

I had a similar problem (I think) in a sandbox I was playing in. I wanted the camera to follow the character, but not directly on the character, I wanted it to be offset a bit. I couldn’t get it to work until I set a hidden object to follow the character at an offset then centered the camera on the hidden object.

Maybe this will work in your case. Instead of setting the camera to follow the mouse, have an invisible object follow the mouse and the camera follow the invisible object. Dunno if it will work but maybe worth a shot.