Rotating pixel art?

Hi all.
This is not a GDevelop related question but since there are some talented artist around here I hope someone could help me.

I’m trying to rotate some pixel art in paint programs but when I rotate them they get blurred, stretched or completely screwed up. I know it a common problem but I wonder if anyone could offer any solution/tool that could help me to avoid redrawing the same thing over and over again in different angels.

For example, this is the original thing:
And this is what I get after rotate them in paint tools:
I have tried many-many different paint tools but all of them screw it up.
Anyone could offer any solution?


Get GIMP extensions (I think you need this for batch image manipulation)*
Rotate images
*You can set up a batch conversion to rotate all the files if you want.

I’ve rotated a ton of images in GIMP without them getting messed up.

I don’t remember if Gimp has this option (didn’t used it for years now), but most of image editor have an options “smooth pixels” when you try to manipulate it. unchecking the checkbox solve the problem.

Thanks for the replies.

I can’t find such option in Gimp. When I scale an image in Gimp I can select the quality to get smoothed or keep the original one (pixelated)…etc but it is for scaling only.

The plugin I have found for batch image manipulation got fixed angles to choose from when rotating an image. I can choose from only 90, 180, 270. I have no problem with rotation in this angles. I have problem in all paint tools when I try something different like 60 degree for example.

Cold you please try to rotate this image by 60 degree just to see if I do it wrong?

Maybe I have found a solution hidden in a forum called RotSprite:

This is a very simple tool developed by someone specifically to rotate pixel art. This is what I get with this one:

Not perfect, but the best result so far :slight_smile:

Oh I see you are rotating through all kinds of angles (I just thought you were doing flips) Obviously that’s going to cause conflicts in pixel art, since the pixels might not be able to line themselves up correctly after the rotation.

Btw, on the GIMP batch manipulation, you can select ‘other GIMP procedure’ to do any procedure accessible from the menus, including about 10? different rotation functions.

Yeah, it is just looks ugly after rotation whatever I’m trying to do or use.
Even spriter screw it up which is designed to rotate sprites and pixel art tools which is made specifically for pixel art :angry:

Seems like if I want to rotate something better do it in GDevelop which is going to require to make the objects modular. A single object on the screen would be made of multiple parts and I could rotate the parts whenever and as much as I need but it might would consume too much CPU in case there are many “modular” objects :frowning:

Or I could make the actual pixel art bigger and I could scale it down in GDevelop to the size I need. It would make the distortion less noticeable but it may going to consume too much memory, since I’m aiming to use pixel art not bigger then 60x60 pixels but to make them look good even after rotation it would require to make them something like 200x200 pixels and scale it down to 60x60 in GDevelop. If I rotate it and scale it down in a paint tool it is just ugly so at least one thing rotation or scale need to be done in GD to make it look not even good but acceptable.