Rotation issues with multiple objects

So I have 2 players on the screen. Other rotates with left and right(player2) and the other with a and d(player2). So when player 1 is moving forward and rotating at the same time, player 2 cannot turn right while moving forward. When player 2 is moving forward and turning right player 1 cannot turn at all. Here is a picture to the movement

Edit: So my issue was that the keyboard I was using while I found this issue was not working properly. I had forgot this fact so I was “not an issue with keyboard”. But that was my issue :smiley: Thanks everyone for trying to help.

Some keyboards have a input limitation so it might be that your keyboard is blocking more than a certain number of key presses simultaneously. (i’m probably wrong but it’s worth testing out if you haven’t already)

I mean it doubt that the issue since it would block more when moving as player 2 which would be odd. But I will look into it a bit. Thanks for trying : )
Edit: After trying a few things my keyboard seems to be just fine with handling MANY inputs. Could it be gdevelop having issues? I was wondering if there is something about some settings or something.

Not sure if it’s a problem with GD…

I wonder if it’s connected to the way you’ve programmed the movement… or something connected to the animation numbers…

Did you try combining specific movements into the same event like this…

Condition: Right Key is pressed
Condition: Up Key is pressed
Action: Rotate
Action: Move

(stacked all in the same event)

Another thing you could possibly try is nesting additional rotate conditions underneath your up/down conditions

left arrow: rotate left
right arrow rotate right
up arrow: move forward
nested>>left arrow: rotate left
nested>>right arrow: rotate right