RTS Unit Formation drawer

Part of my little RTS experiment was imitating the formation drawing from Total War.
And since there already RTS extensions in the work i thought maybe there might be interest in this?


The problem with this, its depending pretty much on my system with the unit and the unit pathfinderobject and the center object and some group mechanics like locked formation. And turning this into an extension, independent of anything might be a little troublesome.

Let me know if this sounds awesome and is worth the work.


@tristanrhodes Might be interested :eyes:

Yes, it sounds awesome! And to be honest, I am having a hard time getting units to move smoothly and stop without jitter. This is something I definitely will take a look at. It will probably go into the RTSUnitCommands extension.

I notice you don’t separate units from each other, which is part of the reason I have jitter. I’m considering using physics behavior, but that adds a whole new set of problems.

I wanted to seperate them at some point and was looking into some boid and flocking behaviours. But did not end up doing so, since i was ok with my own units be able to move thru each other, and thats better then a jittery object separation.

to make flocking behaviors worth while a hash map would be desired.
Simons approach seemed good looking.
but im nether a experienced in javascript, nor in GD functions.


How was this made? Looks interesting

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This really needs to be released as an example to learn from.