Vector building

How would i ago about starting a vector build style game for example stardew valley or the crafting and placment of foundations walls doorways ect to build a house

i too would also like to know.

it should be quite simple i think the closest thing i’ve seen that has the aspects of what you are talking about is slash’s rts extension

What im trying to do is place certain objects form my invintory to the ground tile by use of a tool for example rust and its hammer

oh on the top of my head i think it would go something like this

create object “building” (which would be the unfinished blueprint)
set object variable or buildingtime to = 0
when the players animation is “hammer” and is collision with Building
add +1 to object variable “BuildingTime”
when object variable building Time = 5
delete object “building”
create object" finished building"
trigger once

as for the placement of the blueprint i have no idea yet probably attaching an object to the mouse so you can drag it around

even though i played 400 hours of rust i don’t remember the building system hahaha, but the example i gave above is like…uhh building in the game The Forest