Rule tiles, autotiles, automap, whatever is called

Does GD has an autotiling feature?

There are different autotiling fashions but they all work the same, Unity, Godot, Gamemaker they have their own systems, basically you import the image with a number of tiles arraged as they need to be and you set the rules to connect them, then you paint the map the way you want.

Similar to Tiled there is Tilesetter which offers its own rule tiles configuration environment, and able to export to many platforms already configured, but in the video I show how the tiles are being painted on the canvas as you would do in any of the mentioned engines.

Thank you.!

There is not a native automap/autotiling method in the engine, no.

Edit: For my personal preferences, I just use LDtk map editor and its autotiling method, then import the map as a tilemap object.

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Got it! thank you! have a lovely day!

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