Running game offline

Hi Everyone.
I’m still trying to figure out if this software is right for me, but so far I’m quite impressed.
I worked through the first platformer tutorial, and then downloaded the finished sample at the end. I fired it up in GameDevelop and then exported it to my hard drive.
I double clicked the index.html file it had created and the game launched offline in my browser, but all it did was show the loading screen, stuck at 64%. It never progressed any further. I tried running it on Chrome and Firefox.
Am I doing something wrong?

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Can you give us your project (a zip file with the project file and all images) ?

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HI Victor

Thanks for the reply.
I just took all the files and images linked at the bottom of the how to make a platformer game tutorial

this is the direct link. I took those files as is, didn’t modify a thing, then compiled for web and ran it.

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There is a bug in the sample project. To correct it, just open the project in Game Develop, then, go to “Images” (in the left part of Game Develop). Finally, for each images “p1_walkXXX.png”, click on it, change the path (right part of Game Develop) to keep only the filename without the path :

(This will solve the problem as the game wasn’t able to find these pictures).

EDIT : I’ve upload a fixed version of the game on the wiki, so you can re-download it from the tutorial. :wink:

Thanks for the update victor :slight_smile:

Thanks Victor. The tutorial still seems to have 2 or 3 files that still have the full path, but once I deleted them it worked perfectly.