Rythym game question

So im currently working on a rythym game, similar to geometry dash. I want the level design to sync to the music.
Is there any extension that I could use that would help me with this?

Something like Spawning a sprite to know where i can place objects

what do you mean? if you mean like stuff happens timed when certain music parts happen, just make sure stuff happens at the paricular parts of the music, like time it correctly, and youll be fine, the engine cant read the parts of the music

Hi, it is indeed not easy to understand what you are actually asking for. Did you check the rhythm game-example project? Rhythm - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

Here ill rephrase,
So say im using my character in game and at certain points lets say i pressed spacebar, doing so would spawn a little object at the characters position, that will show outside of the game window

What you describe here shouldn’t be a problem:

But then:

An object is created at the player’s position, but outside of the game window? So you mean just at the x- or y- position of the player?
And by game window you mean the window in which your game runs or do you have a scene with a window in which your character interacts? If you want to create an object that appears outside of the actual window of your application, this is definitely not possible with standard events.