Safari iPad - Mobile device condition

I have a mobile device condition to show touch buttons when you are on a mobile device. They show fine in Chrome on mobile and iPad. But don’t seem to show when on Safari when using an iPad.

They also show fine when in Safari on a mobile.

Any ideas?

I recommend avoiding Safari :slight_smile:

Could there be a different way of targeting iPad? Maybe screen size or device conditions? I’d rather not just write it off - if possible.

You can display the screen size in a text object on an iPad, then you can add conditions to check for that specific screen size, indeed.

About a year or so ago Apple got rid of iOS on the iPad and started using iPadOS. iPadOS is an effort to act “more like a computer” than a mobile device. Therefore, Safari on iPadOS acts like a desktop browser (I think through it’s user agent but I am not sure). So, whatever method GDevelop is using to detect mobile devices doesnt get triggered on iPads with iPadOS anymore.

You could possibly add a button somewhere on the interface, or perhaps as an option to turn on/off at the beginning of your game, to show/hide the touch input buttons.

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