Save a full game

So I have this farming simulator that I have been working on for a long while and I just now came to realize that it doesn’t save the position of everything and I need the x and y coordinates saved, the angle, of every thing and I have no clue how to that much saving without spending tons of time. Here is all that I need saved.

X and Y coordinates of all vehicles and players,

State of all crops, (I would need a different save for each piece I would assume)

The angle of the person and vehicles.

Please help I am so far in and need help

From my understanding, you need to have a scene variable for each of what you want to save, You can create an array or structure that contain all object position x and y and what animation name / object / what angle

And then before your game starts you have an event that loads all the saved stuff
then set those values to your current variables

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if you want to save everything, I used this video

and if you need to know something really fast you can always check the youtube channel of gdevelop, it is really helpful.