Save a project...

Hey there!

Startin with a stupid question, but can’t find the answer… :astonished: How, to, save, a, project…

Meanin, i can save it with ctrl/s to somewhere on my computer, wihtout knowin where exactly, but i’m unable to ‘save as’, because it’s greyed and unavailable…
How please?


When you start your project you can change the destination folder where to save your game project.
And did it not read in the Gdevelop window tab /banner where your game is located?

Ok, thxs, haven’t noticed in the thrill of discovery… :slight_smile: No way to ‘save as’ otherwise?

Not yet, you’ll have to move the entire project folder manually :neutral_face:
:exclamation: Moving projects can make some images to be broken in the game if the images were outside the project folder.

Ok, thxs for you! :slight_smile: