Save and load a level after closing the game?

I have more than one level
How do I save the level that the games reach? :thinking:

Why not save ???

your save and load events look ok.

have you used the debugger or a textobject to confirm that your GlobalVariable(NextLevel) is actually not saved?
Some things i can think of:
Are you just not using the variable correctly?
Do you write & read to storage at the right times, and change scenes at the right place, using your GlobalVariable?

I think you can’t Read in Global variable in the instructions says to Read a value in a scene variable, and you are trying to read in a GlobalVariable(NextLevel)
first Read the value to an scene variable then assign your global variable with that scene variable


you can write Global Variables no problem.
Storing the result directly into a global variable does not work tho, so you have to store the result in a scene variable and use only the name of the scene Variable.
Means if you want to store it into the scene variable NextLevel you write Nextlevel, instead of Variable(NextLevel)

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Hi again here an example

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This method is correct
Many thanks, genius :+1: