Save and Load Scenes

Proposing the addition of a simple scene saving and loading functionality in different states to GDevelop. This could be implemented by creating a new action in the GDevelop event editor called ‘Save Scene in State’. When using this action, the developer could set the state name or choose from predefined options like ‘state1’, ‘state2’, etc.

Internally, GDevelop would store all scene variables and positions of created objects in the selected state. This would require developing logic to capture and save this information when the action is triggered.

Additionally, providing an option to load these saved states would be important. This could be achieved through another new action in the event editor, named ‘Load Scene from State’, where the developer would specify the state to be loaded.

To integrate this functionality into GDevelop, it would be necessary to develop the necessary graphical interfaces in the event editor, as well as the logic behind saving and loading states. This would ensure an intuitive and user-friendly experience, in line with GDevelop’s philosophy of simplicity and accessibility.


Hello daikelmes,
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It would greatly help if you could add your use case (for example when I want to achieve X, I have to do Y, which takes time/effort/whichever adjective you feel represents your emotion best, and this is why I would like to request Z [feature]).
I am asking you to help me with this because I read that you mention “some people” and it got me confused on if this is a feature from your experience or from observation (both are valid, but sometimes I come back with tests and prototypes and it does help to know the use case/issue to design around).

Thanks you for your clarification! :pray:t3:

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When I was studying the engine, I had difficulty saving variables. It’s complicated and hard for someone to understand that you need to save a global variable and then load it using a scene variable. It was very difficult for me to find a way to save multiple instances of the same object. I learned this when the main GDevelop channel posted the tutorial, but before that, there wasn’t a tutorial for it, and even the channels with the most subscribers didn’t know how to do it. But going back to the saving topic, there’s an engine called max2d that you can download from the Play Store and look for the saving action. It’s simple: you just save the entire scene in a state and then you can reload it. This would be very intuitive and easy for anyone, and people who wanted a more complex system could use the current saving system.


I totally agree with Damikelmes!
I made a custom Save state but I have fear of bugs or incoming problems…

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Now i have a good save and load function. But it war really a pain. Especially the loading of different states multiple instances like tree growth.