Save events as files

What: I suggest that we can save the events and external events as some sort of file predetermined by GDevelop

Steps and examples:

1.- Create an event or external event

2.- Put whatever you want in the script

(Feature) 3.- Save the script as script.json

Why: I think is an easy manner to team work or save your scripts apart

Finale: I know it was a very short suggestion but i think it was very clear for everyone reading, if not you can reply to put the things even more clear

Thanks, take a candy :candy:

Keep in mind that most events refer to a scene, an object, or a variable. Those are not cross-project compatible and what you’re describing would likely break them.

That said, part of what you’re describing is one of the things function extensions are for.

Extract your events to a function, export the extension of the function, you can now import it elsewhere. You have to do cleanup to remove project specific object names, scene names, or variable names though (replacing them with parameters)

yep, is true but we can put an universal object in the script or a dependency

Hey @iKaexo

Under which circumstances are you trying to share your events?: game jam, explaining someone how to fix an issue…?
This will help me identify the use case and circumstances for sharing “pieces of events”.

to have a core game mechanic as a file and transport to another project, sorry for replay at feb 2023