Save feature for my rpg game

so i have seen many many questions on exacly this topic and i have a working system in my game but i wanna update my game in the future and my idea was to just use a simple file to save all the values and then the game just reads and writes in/from this file(.json for eexample) but how to i setup this in gdevelop 5? pls help ^^ ~edg

Sorry, the link you shared doesn’t work.

Have you played with the documentation on file systems and saving? File system [GDevelop wiki]

On a save you’d write a JSON string with your data to storage, and on loading you’d read it and put the right numbers in the right places.

Use the Storage extension. Storage [GDevelop wiki].

The filesystem is not made for game storage but actually loading and saving files (example: external locals, file in the desktop etc). For actual game data storage use storage, it’s easier to use, works also on web and mobile and is more hidden to the user.


Can U pls sent a Screenshot btw the Game is running on the PC Not in a Browser…

I am usiing storage rn but when i Update the Game ITS gone AS i know or is it also a written File?

I’d follow arthuro’s advice, storage does seem to be the better of the options

i need it saved as a file…

Storage does that, in a same kind of file as the ones where browsers store cookies. If you still need to know that file/where it is, then why?

ye pls help me… ^^

so if itss saving the values ina file how/where do i find it?

du bist deutsch? ^^ xD

Ja. Warum brauchst du der Speicher Ort deiner Datei?

ich möchte das der spieler sein spiel stand mit in neue versionen nehmen kann ich möchte generel einfach den spiel stand als datei haben wie gesagt ich nutze ja gerade das storage feature aber ich finde keine datei…kannst du ,mir da eventuel helfen?

Die storage feature macht keinen direktes zugängliche Datei, aber das sollte auch nicht nötig sein. Diese Daten werden nicht überschrieben bei updates.