Save if enemy deleted?(SOLVED)

Hello, I’m here to ask today how would I check if an enemy got deleted and then save it(using a storage action obvi) now getting the array variable stuff for if enemy deleted I’ve gotten but I can’t figure a way to save it here is a video hopefully explaining better

i solved this by not deleting enemies but having a death state and hiding enemies if death is true

You will need to give each enemy an object ID, store that in a global variable along with a variable if killed or not, and then you will need to update that variable whenever you kill them.

You will then need to save that sata and at the start of the scene do a for each event that checks that enemy:s ID against the global variables and if they are dead, delete them.

i got an array for that but I dont know how to do the events for writing it, that’s where i need help(and I don’t know what to repeat and the info you gave for that part was a little vague so i didn’t understand it that much) okay i what you mean for loading its just saving i don’t cuz i need to repeat for every enemy that got deleted