Save/Load game android

How to make saving and loading progress game :confused:

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I don’t know about Android, on native platform you can use text and XML files in HTML5 you can use JSON files and web storage to store values externally then load the values back in to your game. But I don’t know if any of these methods does work on Android or not.

The normal HTML 5 saving should work on Android, though I don’t have an Android device to test to make sure of that.

Storage actions and conditions should work on Android :slight_smile:

Hi everyone. I’m also writing a game long enough and I would need to be able to save the progress (such as the score, the level, the number of lives …) and then load it when a new game starts.
It must work on android system.

I used these Gdevelop 5 commands to do a save test of only the variable that contains the score.
It works on pc (windows), but it does not work on android mobile phone

Resolved! I used the Gdevelop commands below

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