Save purchases!

Hey! Recently, a new extension has appeared that allows users to make in-app purchases. Can these purchases be saved? And if so, how?

That is, if the player delete the game, and then downloads it back, so that he can somehow restore his purchases. Is it possible?

You can get the item data and check the owned property of it to check if a non-consumable was purchased. Consumable items should because of their nature not be given again to the user even if they delete the game.

If this is an ad deactivation, should it be returned to the user?

Though you need to make sure players can restore their items if they did not used it. I would be pissed if I have purchased an item, didn’t used it but lose it just because I login on a new device or something.

Yes, users are eligible for refund if they can not restore an eligible in-app purchase like ad removal. Don’t know what is the procedure though, I think the developer should be given the chance to fix it and restore it for the user.

Well generally keeping items between uninstalls is not the responsibility of the IAP extension it’s something the game developer should think about by adding for example cloud saves. The IAP extension doesn’t care about whether you have “actually” used the item or not, it is not an inventory manager. Once the item has been given to the user, whether to be consumed directly or put in an inventory, its job is done. Making sure an inventory is safely saved is simply not the goal or responsibility of the IAP extension, only buying stuff is, and trying to make it do that would only leave room for exploitation and confusion.

An ad deactivation is by design something you can buy only once, meaning a non-consumable, so there is no issue with checking if it is owned to restore the purchase.

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Yes, this is what I had in mind too not to restore the purchase but the developer should save the inventory not the IAP.
But then, regarding in-game currency this is what Apple has to say:

It is sounds like if someone has purchased 4000 gold, the developer must provide a way to restore that?

Can you please tell me if Google will block my game if in-game items are not saved there after the game is deleted?

Idk, I’m a programmer not a lawyer

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What should I do? I’m scared if I publish my game and it gets blocked … What do you say? To risk?

I’d say read the Google ToS/guidelines or ask a lawyer to do that for you, or you know, add some kind of cloud save to ensure purchases are kept.

To store and manage the data of every single people ever play your game can be a lot of trouble that does not worth it if you are not making an online multiplayer game. Both Google and Apple allow you to use the users personal cloud storage (iCloud, Google Drive), not much something like 25-50MB for the purpose of saving game progress and other data in the cloud for each user managed by Google and Apple so you don’t need to worry about that. Would be nice to be able to tap in to this API somehow.

I would recommend to ask on the Android developer portal how it works.
My guess is that you might have to pay back the money to the user if they can not restore the purchase but they should be able to. In which case Google going to deduct this money from your balance or since you have to register a Debit/Credit card or bank account with your developer account, Google may going to just take the money from your bank account. If they can not because your game does not have constant revenue stream and your balance is $0 and charge on your bank account is declined, then they might going to lock your Google account and remove your game until you sort things out. But it is just my common sense telling me, I am also not a lawyer nor mobile developer.

You can find more info here about how to handle refunds:

If you don’t find your answer in here then I recommend to go to the dev portal:

One thing I can recommend is to create a separate Google account for development and publishing games because if things go wrong you don’t want your personal Google account to get locked. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thank you, I will try to ask on that forum​:grin::upside_down_face::thinking::thinking: