Save users scores/coins?

I want to make a game with different levels, and each level gives you some coins, and with those coins, they can buy skins in the game or something. I want to be able to let each player/user save their coins forever. I, as the creator, also want the ability to be able to add/remove coins from an individual users account manually. Would doing these things be possible? If any member of GDevelop is reading this, please make “Player Accounts” available because it says it’s coming soon and I think doing this would help solve my problem.

I just watched these and they’re both very easy to follow.
Saving & Loading (Storage) - Advanced Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube
Saving & Loading (Storage) - Intermediate Tutorial - GDevelop - YouTube
And this one talks about saving your score (or coins or w/e) from different levels (or scenes w/e)
Using global variables and loading/saving player score in Gdevelop - YouTube
I can’t help with the other questions sorry.

If it should be saved forever and the admin should be able to change values for user accounts, you need Firebase.

The “Storage” solution is only local and will be gone when the users change devices/browser, OS reinstallations, etc.