Save variable between scenes

I know to do this you got Global Variables but here’s my problem:

  1. I store the text from a text input in a scene variable
    all good
  2. I store the text from the scene variable in a global variable
    all good
  3. I go to another scene and read the text
    it’s gone, it says “0”

I tried this way because I also want to save the text between sessions and storage actions only seem to work with scene variables.

Please help :((

In step 3, what are you reading the text from? If the scene variable, then you need to copy the global text into the scene text first. Otherwise it’ll be blank…


I did but checking I noticed the expression was broken, thank you, I wouldn’t have seen it

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Since you set global variable to scene variable to copy its value
In new scene you 1st need to set scene variable to global variable to copy it value