Save variables you make in game into variables you would declare in variable window

Again i made wall of text

Short version

Option to convert saved variables using storage save IN GAME
To declared variables you see in project window in variables window (global variables in this case)
Or maybe not even saving them to storage 1st
Any way to convert created variables to declared ones

I made clone of Battle City
Any1 who do not know what it is well single screen game in which blocks (obstacles) change per stage and you have eagle in bottom center of it which you need to protect
I re created all stages from original game just by building them in scene editor from these blocks
I load them all at once when game start and switching stages before you start stage

And you can feel that half sec lag spike
This is due all stages (actually all their blocks) load all at once all 35 of them
And so i change position of all blocks to position where desired stage is and then delete all blocks outside of play area

BUT what you want to try out is go to Construction
Place few blocks on each slot
Now go back to title start game and press left to switch to stage 0
Here by pressing up or down you load slots you edited in Construction mode
And notice how seamless it is
Only difference is i set it to save each object position in Construction mode to variables
And load them from that variables
If there was easy way to convert what is inside these variables into declared variables here

Like imagine with some button expression or whatever
I can ask gdevelop to put what is saved in storage to be declared into this window
So i do not need to manually add each variable and declare for example that brick wall object is at position X 1 Y1 and so go on

And now imagine how this kind of thing allow to de-lag spike any game
Where with proper events i could dynamically create parts of map
Think of it as very poor yet functional chunk system

Even better if i could view them in json and put them into another json
I would be able to accept user created stages and implement them to my game as custom stages

It may be confusing why i ask for this feature when i am perfectly able to save these variables so what is the point?

Yeah i can do it for my game
Tell me how i would do it for your copy?
How would i create stages in construction mode on my device
And then save them to storage
AND NOW give you link to my game and where are all my saved stages?

And this is the idea behind it
If they were declared variables in variable window everyone who would run my game would have everything i saved in there

try using firebase for that

I would not lock ppl into having internet connection to play my games

Then just edit the game with all the stages unlocked and say its your saved.

Now i doubt you did understand what exactly am requesting and why
Read it carefully and as long as your reply will still seems ok to you
It will mean you did not understand it at all

I wont read it all i never read it all i just read your problem and if its not the solution then i cant help