Saved Extension

Whenever I’m offline and want to use an extension, most of the time I need to download it into the new project
A workaround I found is going to a project with the extension you want to use the copying and pasting it into the new project or by export and importing
But it would be better for extensions you previously downloaded in other projects to be loaded into another project without all those extra steps

Mabye scanning recent project folders?

The problem with this is having long lists of extensions that might not even be necessary for a certain project. For example, I could have the Stay on Screen extension installed for a certain project and not need it for my new one. This becomes an issue when I have 20-30 extensions like Stay on Screen I don’t need for a project. Hence why they are on a per project basis.

Maybe instead (and I’m not sure if this is the current functionality) we can install extensions from the “store” and choose the projects we’d like to add the extension to. This would prevent extra downloads as well.

The problem with this is having long lists of extensions that might not even be necessary for a certain project.

They could put it on the home screen
But they might get deleted due to the way GDevelop updates

Hey Flip!
This is Luni from GDevelop.
I am assuming that if you need the same extension in another project, is because it’s a useful one, and so you need it in more than 1 project.

Indeed, extensions today are more of “ready made pieces for your project” and since the exact extension can vary depending on the type of game/gameplay, they’re under a “use once per project” configuration. This is why to get them, they’re more of a “marketplace” interaction.

Nevertheless, if you’re asking for this request, there’s an issue that you want to resolve with the “having all my downloaded extensions locally”. So, I have a couple of questions to better understand your case:

  1. What is/are the extension/extensions that you’re reusing?

  2. In average, how many extensions would you say that you use per Project?


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Answer 1

  • Mouse Helper
  • Health
  • Auto Type

Answer 2

  • 3
    Maybe more
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Thanks for your response!

Can you now please explain the context and support in which you use GDevelop offline? (offline vacations, while taking transportation, because of lack of good internet connexion, while you’re working on the game mechanics, while you’re working on the final art…).
The more we can learn from “real life” use, the more we can design accordingly.


  • No internet

Sometimes there’s no power for the router or the internet is just bad

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