Saved files automatic list

I don’t know what title to type in so there’s that.

I have been tinkering with the File System in GDevelop 5, especially for saving a data in a specified folder. My game would save certain data into a JSON file and it works really great.

However, it seems that I am unable to recreate this interface (see image) where a list of your previously saved JSON files in a specified folder would automatically appear (potentially as a Text Object) when players want to load a saved game. This is really useful especially for a large map open-world game with lots of information.

I’m probably reaching here but there aren’t any actions/expressions which act similar to “scan” the specified folder for a saved files with matching file extensions (e.g. “.sav”), so I could code them to appear as a Text Object.

FYI: I am not trying to create save slots, but a loading/saving system similar to the image I’ve referenced. Any tips would be appreciated.

Is it actually possible? Thank you