Saving all instances filesystem

I am sorry. I have asked similar questions before, but I still dont get the logic behind the answers and the wiki/articles to use it in my game.

I have started a new project to work with this issue. I have one sprite but two instances of it for now.
When I click one of the objects it should save all .positionX() from all instances in a external file.

I simply can not figure out how to loop through and save all instances.

This below code is just the code I have ended with after have tried MANY MANY different ways to write it and nothing have done the work.
If using arrays is not the way to go then please show me what to do instead.


Have you tried using scene[Xpos] instead? And what does the text file look like?

Also, I would think you’d need to clear out the array first, otherwise every time you save you’ll be adding the same values to existing array entries.

I have tried scene.Xpos… Where should I try the scene[Xpos]?

I have not cleared the file or array so far and every time the savefile is overwritten so there is only one line (one instance).


The first event here


filters the list of NewObject to just the one that was clicked. So the repeat for each instance will only be applied to that one NewObject.

To save all NewObjects, create a new subevent of the touch/cursor is on NewObject, with the condition Pick all objects and make that repeat block a subevent of that new event :


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Thanks a lot! That “Pick all objects” was what I was missing!
I have playaround with it and I can now save Object ID, x,y position to a file.

-I can also retrieve it, though I need to find out how to loop through the array and assain the coordinates back to the objects.

There are 2 ways I can think of. If you don’t care for the co-ordinates once you’ve placed the NewObject (i.e. the array values can be deleted), then you can do it this way :

Otherwise you’ll have to set a variable to the number of array elements and iterate over the array, reducing the counter variable, like :


Thanks for giving me specific examples. I can better understand how it works now.

I think it is perfectly okay to go with the first option. In my real project I will have a save button that should loop through and save all instance positions when it is necessary so the array is only important when saving and loading the game.

I am not sure if I will go with creating a new object at the position or have my excisting objects go to the right position. I have been so focused on this one problem I have not had the time to think about what works best in my game. But now I can start thinking about it :slight_smile: