Saving and Loading Currency

Okay, so I’m completely new to GDevelop and have been struggling to save my game’s currency, shards. I’ve looked at tutorials and other posts on the forum, but just can’t figure it out. Each time you tap the UP or DOWN button, you’re supposed to have 1000 shards added to your total (Shards: 1000, Shards: 2000, etc…). That works. When you tap the save button, which is hidden at the start, it’s supposed to save that additional 1000 shards in the group “Shards” of “MainShards,” which should load when the game’s reopened. However, when I reopen the game, all of my shards are gone. I don’t understand the saving and loading system. What’s wrong with my events? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Updated)

Yes, I’m pretty sure I made some mistakes, but I don’t know what they are.

Do you really need Json?
If you don’t want to store more than 5 different values, I wouldn’t use it. Then it is simpler and relates very similarly to normal variables.

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Thank you for your assistance. I’ve gotten the system up and running without Json.

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