Saving Exp Bar And Health Bar

Hi Guys, I’m Having A Little Problem Saving My HealthBar And ExpBar, everything works fine on first scene and on the second scene it don’t, can someone give some advise I’m kinda new at this :pray: thanks in advance

Don’t load the storage in memory and/or close structured data, AND preferably add the condition “Storage existence” before trying to load one.

Why is that?

What do you mean by it doesn’t work? It doesn’t load the data? It only loads the old data? Something else? And where are you saving the data back to storage?

Why is that?

Once, there was a case where a user had a perfect save & load event, which for some reason did not work just because of the “Load storage in memory” action

I’m working on a level up system, the text is working fine, every time I level up it add the text to every scene,
The problem Im having is that it don’t add the the value to the other scenes, it only adds them to the first one,
For example, the health, accuracy, and fire rate loses their value on the next scene, but keeps their text on how much they level up, can you show me a picture on how you do your saves to get some kind of idea how to fix the problem please? :pray:

I had my saves here in a external scene it currently don’t have any saves because I’m trying it back over again,

and the loads I have on other scenes

I think I maybe have problems with variables, all my variables are scene variables, what do you think :thinking:

You should make the important variables global ones

I think you need to save the values, and show the events that you use for this.

Here’s a very brief example of how to save and load a structure to local storage.

Oh , and as a btw, ToString(Variabel(some_var)) can be better written as VariableString(some_var). It doesn’t matter if some_var is a number, GDevelop will convert its usage to a string without permanently converting the variable.

In that case since their variables are probably declared it would be better to just write their names xD