saving game and http links

how can I save game, can I make some INI files or something like that and save my variables to a file - and than load again game from this file?
my another question - is it possible to make links, i mean in html5 version, if it is possible, that i will open some web link from game or application?

There are some actions for the native platform to save and load structured data to a file.
I’ll implement these features for the web platform for the next version ( It will be based on Web Storage : allowing to store data in web browser ).
For now there is no way to open a link, but that should be also easy to add… Note that you can edit by yourself the index.html file of your game to add links below the game for example.

thanks much, web storage looks very good. i am looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Will this web storage saving work with android? For ex., if I use it, save it under html5 and use Ludei to publish my game. Will the game function the same?

Web Storage is a standard way of storing data so yes it should work on Android and with CocoonJS.
By the way, the new version is available here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=4285 ( I will make it publicly available if no major bugs are found ), so you can try it by yourself :slight_smile:
Let me know if it works!

I tried to make a simple save with storage, but dont know how to do it…

I used write value and then file:“saves”, group:“save” and value:“1”, but nothing saved…
how exactly do I make a save file? Need it specific file type, like saves.xml or saves.ini, do I need to create this file before or application will create this file?
Just cant figure it out how it works :blush: