Saving information on the web

I want to improve my game, Little Bird Hunter, I want that when someone opens the game for the second time, it already has their name and highscore. I’ve serched on the wiki and forum and I think I need to do something with “Send a request to a web page” in “Network” or something like that. I couldn’t figure out how this works, so I have no idea what to do.
I’m not even sure if I can do this, so if anyone can help me, that would be great. By the way, my game is on (I don’t know if this info helps).

Sorry for the bad english, I’m using my knowledge and google translate.

Even though it’s not the specific topic of this tutorial, it shows what you need:

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It doesn’t help me much… My leaderboard is powered by Liluo:

But what I really want is when you’ve already played the game and exited, after returning your name and highscore are still in the opening scene:

Assuming they’re using the same device to play again, couldn’t you just add a save feature to save the name they type in and the score submitted, and add: at beginning of scene if that exists in storage to plug the info into your text objects. Also on the score I would only save it if the current score submitted is the best.
That won’t help if you need to track it over several devices of course.

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The game is in the browser, it’s not a downloadable file, and that’s my problem, I don’t know how to save the information online, so that when you open the game it already appears in the text object

Hi Arthur_Kdss, yes I wanted the same as you and did something similar to what Lucky-j suggested. At the time I was surprised that storing the name and score was not in the official examples. I haven’t watched the video suggested above. Or if I did, it was back then and it wasn’t what I wanted.

Anyway, I remember feeling very overwhelmed by leaderboards and storage and it took me a long time to figure it out. In case you have a similar thing, here’s my events.

Please don’t assume they’re good or that they’re something you should blindly follow. I always intended to improve the way I did the player input but haven’t yet. A better system would be to have the name save automatically instead of clicking an on-screen button (my way that I don’t like).

Use it as a guide and improve on it. It works for my game on Itch and also in the preview. Good luck


I tried it with the VictrisGames leaderboard example, just inserting some read/write stuff in and it “seems” to remember my name and score. I dunno maybe it depends on the browser or if you’re logged in or not. Not sure how long this link is good for but you can try it

On his SubmitScore scene events I just added some write events

And some read events on his PickGameMode scene

But like Bubbles says, this is not the best way, I think the way you’re talking about pulling the information off somewhere is probably better.

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I forgot to mention that what you’re trying to do is NOT compatible with the leaderboard events (data cannot be fetched), hence my suggestion.

To sum up:

  • if you want to save/load the highscore on the player’s device, use the Storage actions. (see “save-load” example project)
  • if you want to save/load online, use Firebase. (see video above)
  • if you want to save/display online, use Leaderboard.

You can combine Storage + Leaderboard, but you won’t be really fetching the data from the leaderboard, unless perhaps if you have advanced knowledge of JavaScript, I think there’s an API you can use.

I think the firebase you mention above will be the solution he is looking for and I’m very interested in it too now, I will have to look into this video you posted later tonight when I have some time.

It worked, I thought the “Write” and “Read” tools only worked in offline games, sorry I didn’t test it before… I saw your game and decided to test it. I didn’t quite understand the leaderboard thing, I’m not sure but maybe it’s because I’m still new to the platform and I don’t really know how all the tools work… I’ll try to keep learning, and maybe one day I’ll understand. But what Lucky-j and Bubbles said worked exactly as I wanted.
Anyway thanks everyone you really helped me with this. :grin: