Saving objects (EXE)

Alright so i know nothing i have so far will really work. i am trying to make it so i can save the locations of platforms within a scene and load them later.

I’ve seen an example before, but I can’t find it. I specifically want to save them while it is an EXE. not HTML. I had the idea of load and saving as a string. but I’m not sure I assume i need to use ID and i know how to do it just not for an EXE filesystem.

I know this is a big ask for help but I’m sure the experts here could help.

If all the platforms are the same type, you don’t need an ID, just store all the coords, and then create and position platforms as long as you have stored coords left.

But I didn’t get the part about EXE. You want this feature only for EXE exports?
You can use these:

or the active sensors conditions.
It will be easier than figuring out the path thing. :see_no_evil:

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As a note: The condition used here (“The path exists”) will only work on exe exports anyway. That event will never be evaluated for HTML5 exports.

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I specify EXE because i thought writing and reading only works for HTML I’ve seen the example, but I still don’t understand exactly what to put in to make it save for an EXE version.

How would i store them for an EXE in what format?

Thank you very much for your help.

Would it be possible to have your help with this? Sorry im something of a smooth brain in terms of G develop.

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Storage events work for HTML, Mobile, and Desktop releases.

Filesystem events only work for Desktop releases.

In general, I recommend saving everything into a single structure global variable, converting it to JSON, and storing it into Storage (or Filesystem, if you prefer).

Here’s a writeup from the current example I’m working on, with comments.