Saving player progress


I was wondering is there a way in Gdevelop how to store player progress/data online? Some kind of cloud service? For example: I have an android mobile game, someone downloaded it, played it, made some progress, bought something through microtransaction. And now he deleted the game and installed it again after some time, or maybe he bought new phone and wants to play it on his new phone. So is there a way to solve this? To prevent player progress/data loss when deleting game? Somebody who have experience with this situation and can point me in right direction? I dont want someone to play a game and maybe even spend money on it and then lose it after deleting the game, thats kinda bad. Yes I can probably place some big text in the game “All data is stored locally and will be lost if you delete the game” but thats probably not the best solution


Yes, the integrated Firebase is exactly that.

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Thank you! I will check it for sure. Is there anything I should know before trying to implement it? I mean Im relatively new to Gdevelop and game development overal, thanks

Firebase isn’t completely basic and a few things to figure out, but it’s absolutely possible and the easiest solution available.

Use “Cloud Firestore” and not the “Realtime Database”

“Write a field in firestore” and “Get a field of a document” actions to write/read.
Set “Merge Document?” at writing to Yes.
Documents are created automatically when writing a field.

In “Document” comes the UID from the authentication, for the user accounts.

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I will try it when I have time, thanks!