Saving points in game!

How do I save player points? For example, let’s take a regular clicker, the player clicks on the screen and gets points, they are added to a global variable. But how to make sure that when the player leaves the game, and then return to it so that his glasses are preserved? Help me, I don’t understand!


I’ve given a example and two screenshots that are from the example on how saving and loading data works

Thanks! I’ll try, if it works, I’ll be very grateful to you!:blush::grin:

YES! It works!!! Thank you kind person !!! If it weren’t for you, I didn’t know what I would do without you! Thank you!!! You have no idea how you helped me! I’m so happy! Thanks!!!

no problem when I know how (and even when I don’t know how) I like to help people :slight_smile:

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