Saving the whole scene of the game

I have a game that has a lot of objects, data, and the positions of the objects. I want the whole scene be saved. To further understand, it’s like when you are pausing the whole screen. Everything was paused from the timer, movement, data, everything. I want the game to be saved and load like when you pause and resume the game scene. Is there a way to do it all at once? or do I really need to save everything one by one?

I’m not quite sure I fully understand what you want. Are you referring to saving a scene during runtime, for instance a player clicks a button in a menu, the scene is paused, and you get brought to a help page, and when you exit the help page, you get brought right back to the initial scene? Or do you mean when a player exits the game, and they log back on, they are brought back to the same scene they logged off on? Or do you mean saving a scene in the editor window, like an external layout or event?

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I mean when the player exits the game. Because I already have an idea on using save and load. But mostly it only saves variable right? I want to have a way to save the whole instance of the games scene when the player exits the game and when they come back, the scene they save will resumed. The objects, their position, timer, data, etc. Will fall into place like when they exit the game.

Ah I see yeah I’m not sure something like that exists as of yet, would be very cool though. I suppose it could maybe be possible using JSON, like writing data to a JSON file, saving it, and then loading it when the player returns but my skillz are not that advanced to be of any help there :sweat_smile:

I will need this soon too. I just did a search and there is some detailed advice from Silver-Streak in this thread and it’s what I’ll be using to guide me:Whole scene save button