Saving Variables on Preview through to export?

I’m setting up my save/load feature for my game and I noticed that if I preview it, run through the game a bit, and exit out, then when I export it, any changes that happened to variables or save states on preview save through to the export. Is that normal?

So for example I have the game programmed on the main menu to load the save file, if there is one. When I install the exported game it’s telling me there’s a save file when there shouldn’t be since I just installed it for the first time.

I noticed this a few months ago when I first made my demo. I would turn the volume down during testing so I could focus and when I exported the game and people downloaded & installed it, it installed with the volume turned all the way down. I’d thought it was a mistake I had made somewhere but it just seems to be part of the preview functionality?

Right now I’ve created a key press that will delete the storage when I’m done previewing, I just have to remember to do it, but is this how it’s supposed to work? Saving the stuff done on preview through to the export? Or am I missing something?

I hope I explained that well, I appreciate any help!