Scale objects over time

Hi all!
Since I’m a noob I hope you could help me and if possible in a detailed “step by step” manner. I have a group of objects randomly appearing on the scene. Pretty much as in the “monster” tutorial, but the objects start in the middle of the scene and move out to the edges of the scene. I want them to get bigger the closer they get to the edge and disappear. As if they are moving towards the player. Any ideas how to do that?


You can use the scale actions to change the size, and as scale value, you can use either the object’s position or the elapsed time of a timer.
Click on the blue button next to the value field to find these values.

Remember to check the documentation if you get stuck :wink:

But I really don’t understand how to apply that. I know how to use the scale action with a specific value, but I can’t find a way to insert the value of a timer instead of a value. I have been using the blue button image and tried different options but I only get errors.

I have also checked the documentation and they show examples but not how to implement them. I found a text about “Object timers”. That made sense to me. I created a timer “At the beginning of the scene” with the action "Reset the timer “scaletimer” of mySprite.

After that I tried to add their example condition: The timer “scaletimer” is greater than Sprite.Variable(scaletimer_time) seconds

The problem is that I just can’t figure out how to create that condition. All the help in the documentation assume that you already know stuff. I have done a few tutorials but still can’t guess how to implement the documentation examples. What are the “magic steps” between doing the tutorials and understanding how to implement the examples of the documentation?

Actually a friend of mine who is an experienced JS and AS3 programmer helped me to find a solution. This is what we did:
Add action
Select the object or the group of objects to scale
Find the command image
Then fill in Modifications’s sign +(add)
Then enter a Value 0.02
-You can try different values to change the speed of the scale.
That’s it! :slight_smile:

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