Scale texture of tiled sprite


I’ve kinda got stuck with an issue.

My tiled sprite texture has the size of 128x128
When i put it in the editor it tiles way too small. i’d like to scale it without resizing the actual image.

How it looks like:
How it should look like:

I tried to search the forum and google this but i was not able to find a solution.

Thanks for any help!

if you want to change it bigger

modify the height and width size by selecting the checkboxes as you see in the image
I hope it works for you

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Thanks for the reply,

Yes that works but it also resizes the actual image which results in a slightly bigger file.
I thought there might be some way to do this in gDevelop directly without having to resize the actual image BUT it’s no big issue. I guess i’ll just go with resizing the sprites then. Thanks! :slight_smile:

When you are in the layout editor, on the left side when you select the object, you should see an option for custom size.
That just changes the display size of the sprite, not the actual image file. Not sure if that is what you mean, but if it is, this would be a solution.

He’s using a Tiled Sprite. So, when he changes the scale of the sprite it repeat the sprite.

tiled sprite

Why you don’t use the “normal” Sprite for this?

Why you don’t use the “normal” Sprite for this?

I don’t know the case of the original poster, but I have an example: I’d like the scale of the tiled sprite to adapt to some elements which are not fixed. To be specific I have a checkerboard pattern, and I’d like the edges of the tiles to align with 1/3 of Screen-Height and 2/3 of Screen-Height. I’d like to save space and use a texture with size 2x2.

That said, I cannot find an action that does the scaling of a tiled sprite, so I’m using a bigger tile.

I know this is an old post but I’ll chime in here and agree with @DavidBevi that having the option to scale a tiled sprite or 9-point sprite being different than the dimensions the object ultimately becomes. I have most of my sprites at 1/5 scale to keep the png sizes down, then scale them up x5 in the game. Can’t do that with tiled or 9-point though.

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Has this been solved?