Scaling fail

When scaling sprite, it is scaled from it’s center, not from origin point. Even moving Centre point does nothing so it has to be hardcoded.

Could you add option to sprite scaling actions so we can choose which point will be used?

In pictures:

Why I asking for such option? Well, while in some cases scaling relative to center may be useful (intros, cutscenes), most of the time it isn’t (e.g. when you make “oldschool” pixelated game and want all your graphics scaled 2x - it really can break levels if you make them sized to consider “scaling space”, but not that they’re scaled from center.)



I can not see a way to change this behaviour without breaking all the games created with GD that are using scaling. :neutral_face:

Checkbox “Scale relative to top-left corner”?

Well, I do not know… I’ll see. :slight_smile: