Scaling objects

Why we don’t have the ability to scale our objects from Both sides ? (Horizontally & Vertically), rather than pushing the object all the way then re scale it as shown above:
i have been in this situation every time i want to make my map in Gdevelop,
its so annoying after you make a big map in Gdevelop (especially Tiled sprites) and then you realize the map need to be scaled from the left side or up side, you will have to push everything inside and outside the map all the way to the left(point you want) and then re-scale it from right side, same thing to the up side, it will be much much easier to build a map if we just have this simple feature in Gdevelop that allow us to scale our objects from 4 sides


I think this is a cool idea, although I’ve tested with a few other engines (including Unity) and this is how it works in all of them.

In general, you cannot extend “negatively” (left or up/down depending on the game engine)) from the origin point of the object.

I’d love to see a solution for this, though.

This would be very nice to have