Scene editor: aligning objects, changing colors

I would like to add these features to simplify scene setup (add to “properties”):

  • Aligning selected objects (left, right, center)

  • Changing colors of selected objects

  • User friendly text entry extension (costumizable window with prompt text, cursor in the input field, button to terminate the input)

I can see why aligning objects to themselves may be useful, but changing colors can be relative easily done with events. I will make demo later, for now I need to do some things to my RPG Maker game.

Thumb UP for add Align option at properties of a scene sprite

At action on “Text Object/Effects” Color, in color area put the code


He will write the text with a random color.

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Used the grid to align object in the scene area, works quite well, just need to do it for every object by hand.

It’s not the same.

You can’t align or distribute objects horizontal, vertical, centered, top, bottom, right, left to others with the grid.

I think it’s very easy to implement and it will add a lot to the GD usabilty.

Can you explain more precisely what every option does (I don’t get what distribute “centered” mean?) :slight_smile:
And where does the option should be placed in GD (in a menu? ribbon? both?)

Yes @4ian I guess I can be a little more specific…

What I mean is the ability to align in different ways (both in the X axis or Y axis) groups of objects relative to another object.

Better explained with some examples:

Let’s assume that we have three objects A, B and C, and the origin vector (X and Y coordinates) of each object are always in the top-left corner of the object bound-box.

In all the examples we will align in some way the objects B and C to object A.

So this is just an idea of how it would work: let’s say the first selected item is always the element relative to which we will align the others. So we first select the object A and then the others in any order. Then we click the “Left-align” button and it automatically does this (for a moment I think in drawing it but I’ll explain it with pseudo-code):

[code]objB.x = objtA.x


objC.x = objtA.x[/code]

Right-aligning object B and object C to object A:

[code]objB.x = (objtA.x + objA.width) - objB.width


objC.x = (objtA.x + objA.width) - objC.width[/code]

Vertical-centering object B and object C to object A:

[code]objB.x = (objtA.x + (objA.width / 2)) - (objB.width / 2)


objC.x = (objtA.x + (objA.width / 2)) - (objC.width / 2)[/code]

And the same for the Y axis.

I guess the current position of the rotation pivot forces to do some tweaks to the formulas but you get the idea.

Centrée. J’ai pensé un instant être à tort créatif avec les adjectifs en anglais, mais le terme se révèle être correcte.

The distribution functions just average and equalizes the vertical or horizontal space between each selected object. This can be relative on the sides or the center of each object (for different effects).

You can take as an example the align menu of almost any vector drawing program (Inkscape or Illustrator).

I think those buttons will look extremely sexy in the scene ribbon.

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