Scene return bug

Good morning!

I work in French so the screenshots are in French if that’s a problem I can translate them :smiley:

Sorry to bother you,
I come to you for a problem that has already been posed but to which I do not understand the answers. No matter how hard I try to decipher, if it’s not explained to me visually what a variable is, I’m completely confused.

Here is my problem: I want to go from one room to another by changing scenes with the option “pause and start” and “stop and return”.
Pause and start the scene works without problem. On the other hand, the return bug, my character returns in a loop in the same scene. I think this is a repeat collision problem. But when I change the position of my character when (re)starting the scene, it glitches just once.

Here are screenshots for clarity.

Thank you for your kind assistance!