scene size?

my co-ordinates for my mouse get saved and i draw a box with the drawer to select the units inside like a stratergy game the only problem is the mouse co-ords save the the screen co-ords so asoon as you move the screen your co-ords and the units will never match up. how can i change the game to do instead of like 800x600 but to go 5000x5000 for example for my map so the mouse will start 0,0 top left and end 5000,5000 bottom right rather than adjusting to just 0,0 and 800,600 where my screen is located.

any help please its holding up my project

I think this is because you use MouseX() and MouseY(). But MouseX/Y() is in reality MouseX/Y("",0) which means MouseX/Y(“Base layer”, camera n°0).

So try to use MouseX/Y(“Your objects layer”,0) concerning the events managing your selection. Look at the exemple if your don’t understand. :wink: (261 KB)

MouseX() and MouseX(“”, 0) are the same. :wink:

Yes, that what I was saying, perhaps I wasn’t very clear. :smiley:
But when you type “MouseX()” in GD without using the expression editor, you may forget that the “full” expression is MouseX(“”, 0). And in the case of this topic, I think the layer used is not the base layer, regarding to another topic (mouse move screen). :wink:

So yes, MouseX() = MouseX(“”, 0) !