Scene switching animation

aa How to achieve this scene switching animation?


I tried to use a big picture, but it’s over 2048px

I’d say make a black sprite, give him a huge custom size so it covers the whole screen, then use the masking extension and a circle sprite to make the circle, tween the circle height and width while making sure it is always centered on the player.


Can the image size exceed 2048px?

That’s a “screen wipe” effect in video production terms. Looks cool. As Arthuro says, it should be pretty easy with a circle sprite and I think correct use of transparency and opacity. I might try to replicate this effect later to get some GD practise . :slight_smile:

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Hi, could you show us the mask example? i tried the way you mentioned, but the result was the red circle become black, and showed no under layer~ :joy: thank you very much~!

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I can’t make circles transparent either:累脸: